Managed Support

Tired of organising multiple suppliers and support contacts, and constantly organising or chasing various third parties? Whether you require a Proactive Maintenance Plan, or a Fixed-price Service Agreement to assist with budgeting, Australian IT Support can customise a support contract to meet your needs.

We offer a very wide range of support plans to suit every business type and size.

Our plans can be signed up on an as-needed basis, or a month to month agreement, or for the best value on a term agreement. With no lock-in contracts required, you can have certainty, as well as no financial surprises.

ASIT's managed IT support will typically include routine maintenance on your servers to ensure they are running at their best, cleaning of temporary or potentially malicious files, update software, in particular where the update may include security patches, hardware upgrades for aging items, and maintaining your precious backups.

Since we have been in the business of managed IT support for decades we really know how to get all of this done fast and efficiently, but getting the result.

We can come to you if you have on-site hardware or servers, or perform maintenance in the cloud for cloud-based servers and back up solutions.